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Leap System® "Classic" Software
Updated 6.x Version
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  • Incredible value... only $1200 Leap financial software harnesses the power of the PS&G Model® including powerful financial calculators
  • Measures efficient use of money
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  • Leap System® "Classic" software and system means a comprehensive approach to your entire business
  • Proven to be effective since 1980 by tens of thousands of insurance and financial professionals
  • Differentiate your practice with Leap's unique macro-economic approach to money decisions
  • Uses the unique PS&G Model®, only available from Leap Systems
  • Presentation booklets and worksheets make illustrating concepts both highly visual and tactile
  • Illustrating the true cost of financial decisions and cost recapture strategies motivates clients and professionals to take action quickly and decisively

Personal Macro-Economic Modeling

A detailed depiction of your client’s current financial position using the PS&G Model®, illustrates the client’s financial decisions in the components of Protection, Savings, or Growth. This model, integrated with certain user-defined variables and calculations enables you to calculate the hypothetical output and compare it to strategic alternatives.


Some two dozen easy to use, powerful calculators that help you illustrate the effectiveness of alternate strategies and find the answers your clients want to make good decisions.

Financial Calculators – Future Value, Present Value, Interest, Payment, and Time Period

Loan Calculators – Loan Amortization, Mortgage Comparison, and Mortgage Choice

Interest and Tax Calculators – Netting, Anatomy of the Compound Tax, Real World of Compound Interest, Versatile

Qualified Plan Calculators – Pie Chart, Tax Savings, and Distribution

Specific Concept Calculators – Family Security, Person A / Person B, Inflation Erosion, Pay Down, plus Buy Term & Invest the Difference

And more...

Tables and Graphs

Marginal Tax History, Mortality, P.S. 58 & US 38, Federal Income Tax, Market History, and Compounding


Dynamic and searchable Knowledge Base, online and printable User Guide, Technical and Functional Support, question portal, and Version Release Notes

Prospecting Resources

Access to prospecting letters, phone scripts, note cards, seminars, DVDs, and books to help to get in front of qualified clients who meet an ideal client profile

Presentation Materials

Access to booklets and worksheets help clients clearly understand their Present Position and strategic alternatives that have the potential to build wealth, reduce overall risk, avoid wealth eroding factors, while pursuing approaches that require no additional out-of-pocket outlay

The Savings Component and The PS&G Model® are trademarks of Leap Systems, LLC All Rights Reserved

PS&G Model®

A depiction of your client’s various scenarios expressed in a macro-financial manner, this report shows the client’s present position with various hypothetical costs, deferred benefits, and deferred taxes

Inputs Report

This two-page printed report provides a listing of all the input data that was used in individual scenarios, typically made up of data provided by your client as account balances and select assumptions on which each scenario output is based

Notes Page

An important Disclosure Statement can be printed from within the Leap System® software that enables you to review important information with your clients. By signing one with each of your clients in duplicate, with each of you retaining a permanent copy for your respective records, each is provided evidence that vital information was discussed.

PS&G Study

This bar chart graphically portrays the transfer of wealth overlooked by conventional planning which occurs when dollars are left to compound in taxable financial instruments. It also shows the potential recovery of wealth that can result from pursuing an alternate strategy that uses the same dollars.

On Screen Comparison Report

When clicking on "View Scenarios" in the Utilities drop down menu, a pop-up window presents side by side comparisons of up to six scenarios with key data that will enable your clients to make judgments about their present position and which strategic alternatives offer the best hypothetical outcomes

Glossary of Terminology

A two-page report that provides a listing of commonly used terms during discussions related to the Leap System® along with their definitions


The Leap System® Software 6.x requires Windows business class platform including: Windows 8.x Pro and Enterprise; Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate. It will run on all 32-bit and 64-bit business class variants of Windows. Internet is required to register the software.

CPU - 1.6ghz Intel or AMD dual core cpuMINIMUM for Windows 7 Pro Windows 8.x:

  • MEMORY - 1.5GB Ram
  • VIDEO - 128MB 32bit color graphics card
  • HARD DRIVE - At least 5GB free space


  • CPU - 2.0ghz or greater Intel i5 or i7 or AMD equivalent 
  • MEMORY - 4GB Ram or greater
  • VIDEO - 512MB or greater 32bit color graphics card
  • HARD DRIVE - Solid State Drive [SSD] or 7200RPM hard drive or greater with at least 5GB free space; drive that supports encryption is preferred

Apple Mac

The Leap System® Software 6.0 is designed to run natively on the Microsoft Windows operating systems above. You can run Leap within a virtual machine on your mac using third party software such as Parallels, or VMware fusion. Below are the requirements

  • CPU - 2.0ghz or greater Intel based dual or quad core cpu. It is recommended that the cpu have virtualization technology built into it.
    • 4GB Ram or greater if you are using Windows XP in your virtual machine. At least 1gb of Ram should be allocated for XP
    • 6GB Ram or greater if you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 in your virtual machine. At least 2gb of Ram should be allocated for Windows.
  • VIDEO: 256MB or greater 32bit graphics card
  • HARD DRIVE: 7200RPM hard drive or greater with at least 20GB total free space. At least 16GB will need to be allocated to Windows.
  • VIRTUAL SOFTWARE (either Parallels or VMware):
  • Parallels version 3, 4, or 5 if you are using Windows XP
  • Parallels version 5 if you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Latest version of VMware fusion

May anyone license Leap System® Software?

No, only licensed professionals are permitted to become Licensed to use the Leap System® Software.

May I view Leap System® Software without making a commitment to purchase it?

Occasionally, all-day seminars are offered which enable you to evaluate the system without any obligation to become licensed. You just pay the tuition fee to attend the class. If you are impressed with what you see, are confident the system will benefit your clients, and believe it will enhance your professional practice, you may arrange to license use of the Leap System® at the end of the day or at any time in the future.

How long will it take me to learn the Leap System® software?

Of course, everyone has a different learning curve and different learning style. The key to "getting up and running" quickly on the Leap System® is the effort you put into learning it.

There are numerous resources to help you. You should study the Leap System® training manual, read the software guides, and watch our instructional videos. These may be accessed at no additional charge online anytime 24/7. If you do that, you should be on track to putting what you have learned to work after the second week of study. Additionally, you will find that participating in the free weekly webinars and frequent live training events are very helpful.

While you will develop your skilled use of the system over time, you will find that you will be able to successfully apply its principles almost immediately.

What does the Leap System® Software cost?

The system is made available to you through an agreement you enter into with Leap Systems, LLC. that provides:

  • A licensed right to use the Leap System®
  • On demand training resources
  • The Leap System® Software
  • Access to Point of Sale presentation materials
  • Access to Leap training classes, workshops, and forums
  • Access to the Licensee’s portal of the Leap Web site

You are likely to find your Leap License to be a valuable enhancement to your career. Most licensees experience a dramatic increase in success as insurance and financial professionals, even in their first year of using the software. Usually, just one or two Leap cases pay for your licensed use of the system each year.

For anyone who has yet to experience the power of Leap System Software it is now available for only $895.

That's right. An unbelievable opportunity! No need to delay. With this small investment, you can start using this personal macro-financial process now! You get access to Leap's proprietary financial strategies as well as its highly effective and powerful software. You will also enjoy access to Leap point of sale materials and an incredible array of training workshops.

Annual License Renewal (ALR):

An annual license renewal fee is due from each Licensee. The annual license entitles the Licensee to receive updates, participate in Leap Systems services, and access the Leap Systems website. The purchase of a Leap Systems software package includes your license fee for the term purchased.

Leap Products and Services:

These products and services may be ordered at any time by a Licensee. A wide variety of supplemental services including technical support, online resources, training opportunities, and much more are all available to Licensees.

Note: Payment of the License Fee, materials, schools, and services may all be paid by credit card: American Express, VISA, Master Card, Discover or by e-check.