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Wealth In Motion®
by Robert Castiglione, creator of the Leap System
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Wealth In Motion is the preeminent financial analysis tool in the industry today. Coupled with the proprietary training from Leap Systems, Inc., you will have the benefit of over 30 years of financial industry experience in helping to enrich the lives of clients through a time-tested process. Capture a simultaneous view of a client’s Protection, Savings, Growth, Debt, and Cash Flow components on one page to help clients to make the best financial decisions possible for them and their family.

System Reqs.
  • Unique Personal Financial Simulation software
  • PS&G Model ® financial organizer helps to analyze and track on one page
  • Proprietary, cutting edge technology differentiates your practice
  • Supported with regional live training events and archived video tutorials
  • Client presentation materials enhance the total experience*
  • Integrated reports allow for long term retention of ideas and strategies
  • Available WebCFQ provides a 24/7 access point for collecting and inputting financial data for clients and professionals/staff


Nine tutorials that provide keen insight into some of the most pressing issues today- Insurance, Education, Retirement, Estate Planning. Also includes the dynamic Strategic Allocation Model tutorial which teaches people how their money should be moving through a variety of financial products throughout their lifetime.

Personal Financial Movies

Financial simulations for any scenario that illustrates the flows of money through a client’s PS&G Model ®, the repayment of debt, as well as the accumulation and/or liquidation of assets. Problems and solutions may be identified through a comparison of results between scenarios.

Internal Design

An in-depth examination of each drawer within the PS&G Model ®, providing a granular view of the specifics of each asset, insurance/protection element. Provides a Guideline Review for client and professional to discuss how the client’s financial decisions measure up to a set of ideal ownership qualities.

External Design

This feature allows you to isolate asset positions within the client’s overall situation and compare their performance to alternate strategies against qualitative and quantitative measurements. The literal movement of money is illustrated, solidifying Wealth In Motion ® as superior technology for you and your client.


Over two dozen, easy to use, powerful calculators help you illustrate the effectiveness of strategies and find the answers your clients need to make good decisions. Some topics addressed include: home financing, compound interest, compound tax, qualified plans, and more.

Modules – Insurance, Education, Retirement, Allocation, Estate

These offer dynamic QuickView technology to answer basic needs-based questions regarding these life events. The integrated Education and Insurance modules provided additional inputs and results that are displayed on screen in a highly graphical and interactive form which the client and professional are meant to use and be able to generate various "what if" scenarios.


On screen and formatted reports that are published in PDF form can be printed or e-mailed to your clients.

Prospecting Resources

Prospecting letters, phone scripts, note cards, seminars, DVDs, and books to help you get in front of prospective clients that meet your ideal client profile

Presentation Materials

Booklets, worksheets, and printed reports that help your clients clearly understand their Present Position and the possible strategic alternatives that have the potential to build additional wealth, reduce their overall risk, avoid wealth eroding factors, increase benefits, all without any additional out-of-pocket outlay.


A secure, privacy-controlled web portal through which clients can enter their confidential financial information which can then be directly downloaded to the Wealth In Motion ® software. The data is encrypted and no identifying account information is stored. This is also a popular choice for a professional’s staff to streamline and better automate the data entry process into the software.

The Silver Cube, External Design, Internal Design, the PS&G Model®, and Present Position are trademarks of LEAP SYSTEMS, INC All Rights Reserved


This report provides a listing of all the facts and assumptions related to each of the various scenarios for each client

Present Position

This one-page visual shows the client’s position with hypothetical inputs, outputs, and debt for each scenario at any desired age between now and the end of their life horizon using the PS&G Model ®

Cash Flow Analysis

A companion to the Questionnaire report, this printout provides a listing of all the future inflows and outflows to a client’s financial position associated with each particular scenario


This report show the relative position of a client’s situation, surplus or shortfall, associated with their education objectives, current resources, and assumed expenses and sources based on the costs at nearly every college and university in the U.S.


This report show the relative position of a client’s situation, surplus or shortfall, associated with their current resources and insurance to provide for their family in the event of premature death, disability, and dependence on long term care

Glossary of Terminology

A two-page report that provides a listing of commonly used terms within the Wealth In Motion ® software along with their definitions

Windows System Requirements

Wealth In Motion® requires a business class operating system: Windows Vista Business, Vista Ultimate, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 8 Pro, or Windows 8 Enterprise edition. It will run on all 32-bit and 64-bit variants of Windows; 64bit is preferred but not necessary. Internet access is required to register the Wealth In Motion® software.

Wealth In Motion® will run on XP and Vista both of these Microsoft operating systems have hit there end of life and have limited support. Note: Windows 8 RT will NOT run Wealth In Motion®

Minimum for Windows XP:

CPU - 1.6ghz Intel or AMD Dual core cpu or Quad Core cpu or greater

2.0ghz Intel or AMD single core cpu or greater

MEMORY - 1.5GB Ram

VIDEO - 256MB 32bit color graphics card

HARD DRIVE - at least 5GB free space

Minimum for Windows 8 Pro, Windows Vista Business and Windows 7:

CPU - 1.6ghz or greater Intel or AMD Dual core cpu or Quad Core cpu or greater

MEMORY - 1.5GB Ram or greater

VIDEO - 256MB or greater 32bit color graphics card

HARD DRIVE - at least 5GB free space

Optimal for Windows XP:

CPU - 2.5ghz or greater Intel or AMD Dual core cpu or Quad Core cpu

MEMORY - 4GB Ram or greater

VIDEO - 512MB or greater 32bit color graphics card

HARD DRIVE - Solid State hard drive or 7200RPM hard drive with at least 5 GB free space

Apple Mac System Requirements

Wealth In Motion® is designed to run natively on the Microsoft Windows operating systems above. You can run Wealth In Motion® within a virtual machine on your mac using third party software such as Parallels, or VMware fusion. Below are the requirements

CPU - 2.0ghz or greater Intel based dual or quad core cpu. It is recommended that the cpu have virtualization technology built into it.

MEMORY - 4GB Ram or greater if you are using Windows XP in your virtual machine. At least 1gb of Ram should be allocated for XP.

6GB Ram or greater if you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 in your virtual machine. At least 2gb of Ram should be allocated for Windows.

VIDEO - 256MB or greater 32bit graphics card

HARD DRIVE - 7200RPM hard drive or greater with at least 20GB total free space.

At least 16GB will need to be allocated to Windows.

VIRTUAL SOFTWARE (either Parallels or VMware) -

Parallels version 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 if you are using Windows XP

Parallels version 8 is not compatible with Windows XP

Parallels version 5, 6, 7, or 8 if you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7

Latest version of VMware fusion

May anyone license Wealth In Motion®?

No, not everyone is eligible to license Wealth In Motion®. Only licensed professionals are permitted to become Licensed to use Wealth In Motion®.

Do you have a MAC version of Wealth In Motion®?

Unfortunately, there is not a MAC version of our software. The software is designed to run natively on the Microsoft Windows operating systems. However you can run Wealth In Motion® on a MAC inside of a Virtual Machine running Windows. This requires an Intel based Apple computer capable of running virtual machine software from either: Parallels or VMware

Virtual machine configuration:

Assign 1GB RAM or greater; hard disk partition 20GB or greater

Parallels version 3 has been tested with Windows XP and Wealth In Motion®

Parallels version 4 or higher is required to run Vista Business or Ultimate according to Parallels engineers

Parallels version5 and 6 are in use by other users w/o incident Note: Disable 3D acceleration in Parallels 4.

There are a few main factors that affect performance:

  1. In general, the higher amount of computer memory available for the host Mac the better the performance. 4GB min.
  2. A faster processor
  3. Video adapter processor and memory
  4. disk IO: 7200 RPM hard drive is recommended by not necessary

If you have any specific questions or need assistance in purchasing a Mac contact Leap technical support.

How long does Wealth In Motion® take to install?

If your computer meets the minimum requirements and has all the necessary components, the Wealth In Motion® Software install takes 5 to 10 minutes, depending upon your computer configuration. The software requires components from Microsoft and Adobe. If you are missing any of these components, it may add considerable time to the installation. To minimize the installation time, install all Microsoft Updates, as this is usually the most time consuming task.

How long will it take me to learn the Wealth In Motion® software?

Of course, everyone has a different learning curve. The key to “getting up and running” quickly on Wealth In Motion® software is the learning effort you put into it. If you read and study Wealth In Motion® guides that are accessible online, and attend and participate in webinars and live trainings, you should be on track after the second week of study. But don’t worry how long it takes. You may still use your present approach while you are learning Wealth In Motion® in your spare time. Most financial professionals obtain their first Wealth In Motion®-inspired client within 7 days of taking the one-day Wealth In Motion® Experience class.

May anyone license GIVE?

Only licensed professionals with a Wealth In Motion® or Leap 6.0 license are permitted to become Licensed to use GIVE. If you don’t yet have either of these, you can acquire either bundle in this store. If you already have Wealth In Motion® or Leap 6.0, simply purchase the GIVE Add-On product

What does a Wealth In Motion® license cost?

Wealth In Motion® software is available to you through a License Agreement from LEAP SYSTEMS, Inc. that provides:

  • The Wealth In Motion® Software
  • Online training manual and module accessible 24/7
  • Access to all licensee training classes, forums and webinars*
  • Exclusive access to the LEAP SYSTEMS website (Licensee Section)

Your Wealth In Motion® License will be a most valuable career enhancement. Most licensees experience a dramatic increase in their income, client retention and overall client satisfaction, even in their first year using the system. Usually, the first or second case pays for years of use of the system.

For anyone who has yet to experience the power of Wealth In Motion® Software the system is now available for only $2,495**

That's right. An unbelievable opportunity! No need to delay. Start using the most scientifically advanced and appropriate financial process available on the market now! This price includes everything you need to change or enhance your career in a way you've never imagined. You get access to LEAP's proprietary financial strategies as well as our highly effective and powerful software. You will also enjoy access to LEAP presentation materials and an incredible array of training workshops.

Annual License Renewal (ALR)**:

An annual license renewal fee is due from each Licensee starting with the second year of their initial License date. The annual license renewal fee for 2010 is $2,495 for Wealth In Motion®. This entitles the Licensee to receive updates, participate in LEAP SYSTEMS services, and access the LEAP SYSTEMS website.

Products and Services:

Our products and services may be ordered at any time by a Licensee. A current price list and supply order form will be made available to each Licensee at the orientation session. A wide variety of supplemental services, including case analysis, webinar training, intermediate and advanced schools, regional forums and much more are all available to Licensees.

Note: Payment of the License Fee, materials, schools, and services may be paid by credit card: American Express, VISA, Master Card, Discover or by e-check.

** Special pricing may be available to professionals with certain firms or companies. Please inquire as to whether you qualify.