The Leap Difference


Strategic Tools

Leap's unique tools break down complex scenarios to help professionals and clients make smart financial decisions.


Innovative Technology

Leap builds products for the consumer, piloted by the professional, sparking important financial conversations.


Measurable Results

The Leap Model encompasses the entire financial picture, spanning protection, savings and growth components.

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The Leap Model

The Leap Model offers a full-scope picture of your financial life, allowing you and your financial professional to coordinate every financial decision. This integrative approach allows all your assets to work together like a beautiful, harmonious symphony.

The Power of Discovery

To plan for the future, you have to first understand your current financial position, which is why Leap arms you with a discovery process - an exercise you’ll complete with your professional. In a financial world that is constantly changing, knowing how your money works helps you control the pace of your cash flow and financial direction.

The Road to Financial Empowerment

In addition to financial discovery and the Leap Model, you’ll be armed with the information you need to position and prioritize your assets, and make the most of your financial power.


The Leap Strategic Process

The Leap Strategic Process also provides a roadmap to identifying financial approaches, along with an implementation guide that you and your professional can use to take actions to optimize your financial position. Remember, Leap is not made up of products to buy or financial vehicles to invest in, but rather innovative strategies to help minimize risk and protect your assets, all the while positioning you for a lifetime of possibilities.

You’re not just building wealth, you’re enjoying it.