Leap offers a unique model for managing personal
finance that calculates every move and keeps clients
connected with their advisors every step of the way.

What is Leap?


The Model for
Financial Success®

The Leap Model incorporates everything from income and investments to insurance and taxes, offering a full view of your financial picture. Having a model to evaluate your financial performance eliminates managing your finances from a "junk drawer" approach. This unique model blends financial science and visual simplification with a philosophy of protection-savings-growth helping you achieve your financial potential.



In today's fast paced, ever-changing environment, every move matters! To make the right moves at the right time, it's critical to see how money works. This means understanding the completeness of real financial life - personal realities, financial complexities, an eroding market, risk factors and taxes. Leap empowers financial professionals to help individuals, families and businesses simplify financial life through this discovery and design process.


Designing Your
Financial Future

With Leap's interactive tools, you not only learn how money works but you are also able to clearly see the impact of all your financial decisions. In addition, you and your Leap professional can simulate financial strategies and view potential outcomes, giving you clarity and confidence every step along the way. Through this design process, you own your financial journey and enjoy life on your own terms.

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Why Leap?

Because only addressing a portion of what impacts your financial life isn’t enough.
Leap was the first and only scientifically based financial system that considers all the components influencing your money.This model not only factors in your income and investments, but also gives you the complete picture, including things like taxes, fees, interest rates, protection for life's uncertainties, and much more. Understanding the factors that may be eroding your wealth is the first step to maximizing it.

Leap Financial Junk Drawer video  

Financial Junk Drawer

Leap Sane Sound Simple video  

Sane Sound Simple

How Does Leap Work?


The Leap Model

Leap strategists and their clients work together to incorporate client data into Leap's celebrated protection, growth and savings diagram, better known as The Leap Model. It's made up of 27 individual drawers, letting both clients and advisors see the entire financial life at a glance, making coordination and wealth management a straightforward, uncomplicated process.


Visualizing Lost Opportunities

Like it or not, bank fees, government taxes, market volatility and more chip away at money and assets. This problem stretches far beyond the actual cost of the fees and penalties; it results in lost opportunity costs. What else could have otherwise been done with that money? The Leap Model helps you see the lost opportunity costs working against your wealth, and in turn offers strategic ways to overcome them.


Full-Scope Analysis

Looking at every aspect of the financial picture is one of the key components of the Leap approach. It's a simple idea that is so often overlooked in the financial arena. From debt to savings and investments to insurance, each part is separately analyzed to make it the best it can be. Then – and only then ­– the individual parts can be primed for coordination as a whole, maximizing every asset's efficiency and productivity.


Constant Collaboration

With Leap's interactive tools, clients and professionals are able to constantly communicate and stay on the same page – even when they’re not physically together. Wealth protection, asset management and financial growth aren’t simply a “behind the scenes” activity with Leap. They all come together as a transparent coordinated effort that can be seen by both clients and their advisors in a way that simplifies personal finance and makes the most of client's potential.